Why Wild Blueberries

Not all blueberries are equal

Wild blueberries are called the superfruit and here are a few reasons why:

  • Contain twice (2x) the antioxidants of cultivated blueberries
  • Their deep blue skin is full of phytonutrients including, anthocyanin and anti-anflammatories
  • Contribute to prevent against diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimers
  • Slows cognitive decline

A British study published in September 2016 (“Effects of Acute Blueberry Flavonoids on Mood in Children and Young Adults,”) suggests that children and young adults can improve their mood with a daily consumption of a single serving of wild blueberries.

According to Bleuets NB Blueberries, many people still confuse wild blueberries and cultivated blueberries:

Wild blueberry plants

“The wild blueberry season lasts only from August to mid September, but people should be aware that they can find wild blueberries in the frozen section of their favourite grocery store all year. Same taste, same benefits.”

– René Chiasson, Chair, BNBB.


An industry that has been around for centuries, wild blueberries are the most important fruit crop in New Brunswick.


Identified as a pillar of action, Bleuets NB Blueberries has always been engaged in research to further define the benefits of wild blueberries.