Celebrate Wild Blueberries:
August 21-28

Proudly Serving New Brunswick Wild Blueberries

Throughout August and into mid-September, these tasty superfruits are available at local grocery stores, roadside stands and farmer’s markets across the province. This is an exciting time to purchase fresh berries, in place of your frozen berries that are available year-round.

Each year we like to celebrate the arrival of fresh, New Brunswick Wild Blueberries with Restaurant Week.

We partner with more than 100 restaurants and B&Bs across the province who dedicate a week to proudly serving incredible dishes, desserts and drinks featuring wild blueberries as the star ingredient. And each year these creations get better and better – some so great that they end up on menus permanently!

For a full list of participating restaurants, click here.

Take a look at some of our highlights from last year.

For Restaurants
Shadowlawn Inn chef holding two blueberry dishes

2021 Photo Gallery

Looking for more ways to support the industry and enjoy wild blueberries? See what we’ve got in store this season.

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