At the heart of our mission

Bleuets NB Blueberries has always been engaged in research. This is one of BNBB pillar of action.

Results have been noticeable: better control of nuisance, improvement of techniques of harvesting and as a result; better fruit quality and impressive increase of production.

How do we support research?

BNBB’s support can take different forms:

  • Act as applicant for funding
  • Letter of support
  • Act as applicant for funding
  • Guidance in search of other funding
  • Grant direct financial support
  • Administrative support
  • Facilitate access and participation of producers in the conduct of a research project
  • Access to BNBB communication platforms

Research Committee

The Research Committee is made up of five (5) NB wild blueberry producers:

  • Zack Fisher
  • Ed Goguen
  • Alarie Lebreton
  • Lane Stewart
  • Russell Weir

Have a project?

Research Policy