Information Papers


Tracking Global Blueberry Market Changes (Rémy Lambert, Ph.D., Marc-Olivier R. Lambert BSc.)



Diseases of Lowbush Blueberry and Their Identification – Field Guide

Diseases of Lowbush Blueberry and Their Identification – Manual

Benchmarking of Maritime Blueberry Farms, 2009-10: Quick Summary

Maritime Action Forum on Pollination Research (CANPOLIN Report 2010)

WBANA Symposium Abstracts 2008

FAQ for the management of bumblebees (PDF)


Agricultural Project Reports

Native Willows as a Habitat Management Tool for Building Bee Pollinator Communities in Blueberry Fields, by Don Ostaff (PDF)

Final Report 2013 : New techniques for an ecological control of weedy species in boreal blueberry fields (PDF)

Final Report 2013: Wild Blueberry Production Guide…in a Context of Sustainable development (PDF)

Final Report 2013: Nutritional value and pesticide content of pollen collected by commercial honey bees Apis mellifera in the Maritime Provinces and its implication for honey bee health (PDF)

Final Report 2013: Pesticides in Honey Bee Hives in the Maritime Provinces: Residue Levels and Interactions with Varroa mites and Nosema in Colony Stress (PDF)

Final Report 2013: Sustainable Weed Management for the Wild Blueberry Industry (PDF)

Final Report 2013: Weed Seed Predation by Carabid Beetles for Biological Control in Wild Blueberry Fields (PDF)

Final Report 2013: Improving Harvesting Efficiency of Wild Blueberry Harvester Using Precision Agriculture Technologies to Increase Farm Profitability (PDF)

Final Report 2012: Exploring the possibility that Nordic apiculture can provide pollination services on the North Shore of Québec (PDF)

Final Report 2012: Wild Blueberry Entomology Research Chair (PDF)

Final Report 2012: Integrated Pest Management Strategies for Powdery Mildew and Other Foliar Diseases of Wild Blueberries (PDF)

Final Report 2011: Implementation of Precision Agriculture Techniques in Wild Blueberries to Improve Crop Profitability and Reduce Environmental Impacts (PDF)

Final Report 2010: Developing Response Strategies Against Powdery Mildew of Strawberry Based on Risk Estimation and Fungicide Effectiveness (PDF)

Final Report 2009: Blueberry/Forest production model layout and experimentation (PDF)

Final Report 2009: Development of a Ripening Index for Commercial Wild Blueberry Fields (PDF)

Final Report 2008: Alternative Methods for Controlling Varroa destructor and Acarapis woodi Populations in Quebec Hives (PDF)