BNBB was established in summer 2006 as an Agency under the New Brunswick Natural Products Act following two rounds of regional consultations and a plebiscite conducted by the New Brunswick Farm Products Commission.


Bleuets NB Blueberries represents and serves New Brunswick blueberry growers. BNBB works closely with blueberry producers and other industry stakeholders, other agricultural organizations and government agencies to address the needs and priorities of blueberry producers and to support market promotion and research that contribute to improved profitability in the industry.


  • To provide services to NB blueberry producers including:
    1. Improved access to information and training opportunities;
    2. Representation in industry organizations and working groups;
    3. Development and promotion of policies in the best interest of producers;
    4. Program development and delivery that meet the needs of industry.
  • To support and facilitate research that encourages good cultural practices, improves management and sustainability of blueberry production and improves productivity and profitability in the industry.
  • To support and implement market development and promotion programs that result in increased marketing opportunities and strong market returns for NB producers.
  • To effectively and responsibly operate the BNBB agency to ensure success in each of its mandate areas.


Under the Natural Products Act, BNBB has authority to collect a levy on all berries produced in New Brunswick. The Levy Order passed in 2006 establishes a levy of $.008 / pound.